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Waldorf Risk Solutions Releases New Risk Management Portal





Waldorf Risk Solutions announces launch of new web portal for diocesan clients. The portal will allow access to custom risk management solutions to make the process easier and faster for clients.

Huntington, New York (PRWEB) September 21, 2014

Waldorf Risk Solutions, LLC announces the release of their Risk Management Portal designed for Diocesan risks. The portal features four custom cloud applications with the intent to support effective risk management and loss control client organizations. This portal is scheduled to go live coinciding with Waldorf’s exhibition at the Diocesan Fiscal Management Conference from September 21-24, 2014.

These applications were developed in collaboration with three Risk Managers and the Nonprofit Risk Management Center. The portal features four interactive applications for users’ convenience: My Risk Assessment, My Risk Management Plan, My Risk Management Policies and Risk Management Classroom.

“We expect this portal to be a tremendous value to our Diocesan clients in identifying and mitigating risks inherent within their diversified operations,” said Senior Managing Partner William G. Waldorf.

My Risk Assessment helps leaders identify any critical risks or exposures in order to effectively manage them. Users are lead through an intuitive questionnaire about their organizations’ operations and risk management practices and given specific helpful advice at the end to mitigate risk in the future. During the questionnaire, a profile of the organization is created in order to form more appropriate and targeted questions.

My Risk Management Plan enables organization leaders to form a custom risk management plan. A suggested table of contents gives users a place to start with several different topics, but they may start reading at any specific area of interest or expertise, allowing modules to be delegated to staff members with specialized knowledge or skills. The custom plan can then be shared with organization leadership and staff to put plans in action.

My Risk Management Policies allows users to create custom policies quickly and easily. This interface uses mutually exclusive language and numerous options that must be specified in order to create the best custom plan for each user.

The Risk Management Classroom is an online learning environment designed to provide practical courses and education on a wide range of various risk management topics. These topics include Risk Management Basics, Driver and Vehicle Safety, Fraud Prevention and many more.

Waldorf Risk Solutions is a privately held insurance brokerage and risk management firm dedicated solely to the religious and nonprofit sectors. Established in 1928, the firm specializes in the insurance and risk management needs of non-profit and religious entities, including some of the largest dioceses and archdioceses throughout the country. The firm is led by Bill and Stephen Waldorf with offices in New York, Texas, Virginia, Florida, and Oregon.