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Risk Management Process






24/7 and Toll Free 800 Hotline

Toll Free 800 Hotline for Legal Advice

As a customer of Waldorf Risk Solutions, you have access to a Tole Free Risk Management Hotline service. You are provided direct access to a law firm for brief complimentary telephone consultations on general workplace and educational setting risk management topics, as well questions regarding vendor and construction contracts. Your relationship with Waldorf Risk Solutions also provides you with complementary reviews of proposed contract provisions and organizational policies specific to your risk. Ask your rep for the number.

Asset Valuation and Inspection Services

Through certain Underwriting partners, we contract with experts in the appraisal field to conduct a full asset valuation of the properties belonging to clients. These inspections include physical inspections to determine all C.O.P.E. information and is presented to the client in both a physical report and electronically.

Business Continuity Consulting

This service focuses on the development of comprehensive response and recovery plans aimed at events or situations that can impact an organization’s ability to generate revenue. Such events could include natural disaster, fire and explosion, a hazardous material spill or leak, loss of critical vendor or supplier, product contamination and recall, labor disruption and so on.

Electronic Account Access via Our Web Portal

Waldorf clients can access their account via our website and a client specific web portal. The “Dash Board” is flexible, but typically provides access to the following information: claims detail and status reports, certificate logs, coverage summaries, building appraisals, policy documents, automobile schedules, driver lists, etc.

Interactive Risk Management

Based upon our experience advising clients, Waldorf has determined there is a demand for increasingly sophisticated tools to help risk managers and leaders with the following:

  • Manage surface-critical risks across the broad scope of operations and large geographic reach.
  • Understand the wide range of options available for mitigating these risks.
  • Actively involving leaders with diverse perspectives in the identification and management of risks.
Legal and Contract Review

We offer the services of our legal associates to review contracts that our clients are asked to accept and we have agreements that are pre-approved that can be used where you are seeking indemnification from contractors, service provides, etc.

Resource Library

Waldorf clients have unlimited access to thousands of documents that pertain to risk management and loss prevention techniques specific to your industry. Documents are maintained to keep pace with industry developments, trends in litigation, and compliance requirements.

Risk Assessment

Clients whose ministry extends to serve vulnerable adults and children benefit from the association we have established with a national leader in abuse risk management. Groups can avail themselves to an effective accreditation process that reduces the causes and cases of abuse in child and elderly care agencies.

Risk Management Webinars

Clients can utilize our web based educational platform to train and raise awareness to their employees of risk management procedures. This tool is particularly beneficial for clients who don’t have a centralized management structure and are dealing with multiple locations where management is enforced at the site level.