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Insurance Brokering and Advisory Services

Waldorf Risk Solutions offers a wide range of customized services to help meet our clients unique insurance needs.

Brokerage Advocate

The process of brokering your business is not limited to delivering just a comprehensive submission to the market but also having the skill set and knowledge to communicate the client’s objectives with their risk management program to the underwriting community. As recognized specialists in the insurance industry for our knowledge within the sector, Waldorf commands the respect of the underwriters who listen, acknowledge, and more often than not, agree with our presentation in favor of the client.

Claims Management and Administration

Successful claims management is a delicate balance between the needs to minimize cost, deliver the clients objective, manage severity, use discretion, and recognize a moral responsibility to settle a claim fairly. Waldorf maintains a centralized administration for reporting all claims. As a result we can increase the efficiency of claims handling, claims preparation, monitoring reserves and retentions, control the defense costs, and enhance the performance of adjusters. A dedicated claims coordinator is assigned to a client and we continually monitor performance of all parties involved in the claims process to make certain the interests of the client are properly protected under the terms and conditions of the policy contracts. The collection of claims money from a client’s insurer does not necessarily close out a file and translate into success, especially, when a third party is responsible for the loss. Subrogation is a large part of our advocacy for the client and pursued aggressively by our internal claims professionals.

Client Advocates

At Waldorf Risk Solutions we consider ourselves your advocate in the insurance arena.

Our commitment to religious organizations, educational institutions, non-profit and social service agencies, and health care facilities is seen in the time and dedication we spend on getting to know our clients. As a privately held company, we are able to listen to your concerns and plan a customized course of action to reach your goals and objectives. Our focus is on you, not on stock holders.

Waldorf develops risk management solutions with a full understanding of your needs and objectives. After conducting in-depth research and analyzing your risks, we will work with you to identify your concerns, priorities and financial goals. Only once this important data has been gathered will we approach the underwriting market for a fully customized insurance program.

Our creativity and flexibility has set us apart from larger insurance agencies and corporate insurance brokers. We understand that pre-packaged programs do not meet every client’s needs and work to create alternatives to traditional risk solutions.

Consultancy & Advisory Services

Regular meetings and communications keep our clients informed of macro developments in the marketplace that may have an impact on their insurance program, and also provide specific commentary on applicable developments in their specific niche.

Customized Risk Solutions

Customizing solutions in a complex insurance marketplace.

We begin every aspect of each insurance program with an understanding of our client’s objectives. Together we develop a list of priorities and strategies to bring to market.

A successful marketing of an account in our opinion is not soliciting quotes from every insurance company out there. Like the partnerships between our clients and Waldorf Risk Solutions, we look to extend this philosophy to the underwriting community. In a shrinking marketplace where specialists emerge, it is important to develop relationships with everyone involved and we would encourage our client’s risk management team to embrace this belief.

Waldorf is a recognized specialist in the religious, educational, non-profit, social service and health care fields and as such commands the respect of the underwriting community. We are regularly called upon by insurance carriers as a resource for information and opinions within this niche by both the underwriting and marketing teams. As a result of our focus and expertise, we have the confidence of the risk takers and are in a better position of negotiating a more comprehensive form and favorable terms.

Employee Benefit Brokerage and Consultancy Services

Through one of our affiliated partners, Waldorf clients will be assured of compliance to healthcare reform, access to critical markets, custom plan design, state of the art systems and effective employee communications. Our dedicated staff will allow you to focus on your mission while exceeding your employee benefit goals.

Exposure Identification and Analysis

Annual reviews of location exposure are conducted to maintain proper Underwriting information. These are coordinated with either on-site visits or scheduled meetings with facility management. Data quality is essential in the Underwriting process and monitoring capital improvements, additions and deletions is an ongoing process.

Observations are made with respect to properties and recommendations are provided to improve the quality of risk. We also will review the life safety measures that are in place. Of particular interest will be potential hazards that would involve bodily injury or damage to your property.

Fleet Management

In today’s world, many organizations maintain a substantial fleet of vehicles. At Waldorf Risk Solutions, we have a dedicated service team to assist clients in maintaining the fleet operations. We manage daily activities of adjustments to the schedule and issuing the necessary documents to satisfy State and Local requirements. We assist with department of motor vehicle background checks of drivers and work with clients to create criteria for eligibility of driving privileges. Risk managers have access to our safe driving fleet safety seminars and real time access to account activity via our web portal.

Marketing Expertise

Through our extensive experience, we have developed excellent relationships with the specialty insurers and reinsurers throughout the world who serve the same class of Waldorf’s business clients.

Program Design

As a specialist within the sector, we are in constant contact with the markets seeking out new alternatives and creating innovative solutions that provide protection for evolving risks. We will continue to closely monitor activities and inform the group of potential design changes to ensure that we are taking advantage of new capacity or alternatively, finding suitable replacements for insurers that leave the niche.