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Waldorf Risk Solutions Recovers After Fire

The Business of Recovery

After fire, Waldorf firm picks up piecesWaldorf Risk Solutions Recovers After Fire

On a Saturday afternoon, their Huntington office was rendered unusable by fire, water and smoke damage. But by the Monday morning after, it was business as usual for Waldorf Risk Solutions.

That’s thanks to their IT service provider, Flexible Business Systems, which had a neat row of computers and Internet phones set up for the staff of about 20 in their emergency office space tucked away in their Hauppauge headquarters.

After their office building at 30 Prospect St. in Huntington burned on Aug. 16, the contingency space allowed Waldorf to essentially “flip a switch” and seamlessly resume business operations.

“There’s zero interruption to our clients. If they didn’t read it in the paper, they didn’t know we had a situation,” said Bill Waldorf, the senior managing partner of the firm. Joseph D. Saggio of Flexible Business Systems already had the company’s essential data backed up on a cloud. So when the call came in on Saturday at around 4 p.m. – while firefighters were still on the roof completing their response to the fire – Saggio sent a team of engineers to the site, pulling out what they could. The technicians began rerouting the firm’s IP addresses to the Hauppauge emergency center, and by 7 a.m. Aug. 18, they were up and running, just at a different address. Saggio estimates that the space Waldorf is using could accommodate as many as a half-dozen businesses if need be.

Click here to read the full article written by Danny Schrafel, that was published in The Long-Islander.