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Statutes of Limitations for Civil Actions Based on Childhood Sexual Abuse

The ability to file a legal action against a third party is often subject to a statute of limitations. Statutes of limitations are written laws passed by a legislative body to restrict the maximum time after an event that legal proceedings may be initiated. Once the period of time specified in a statute of limitation passes, a claim can no longer be validly filed. The time period to bring a legal action can vary depending on factors such as the claimants age and jurisdiction of where the action is filed. Many victims of child sexual abuse found themselves time barred in pursuing legal action because of the statute of limitations. Today many states have amended their statutes to provide a window or extend the period of time to file claims for victims of such abuse. Click here to read the article by authors Catalina Sugayan and Serena Lee of Sedgwick, LLP; which examines the current law and provides a legislative history on a state by state basis. To learn more about the statutes of limitations on childhood sexual abuse or to learn what options are available to protect your institutions and members against such litigation please contact Waldorf Risk Solutions.