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NY Judge Dismisses Gender Discrimination Case Under Title IX

A former Columbia University student who filed a discrimination lawsuit last year under Title IX in a sexual assault crime alleged that he was discriminated against by the University’s Title IX investigator and student activists solely because of his gender.

At the time of his expulsion from the university, multiple sexual assault claims were under investigation, and accusations of mishandled complaints flooded the administration.

Judge Jesse Furman dismissed the case, stating that John Doe failed to prove that the factual allegations against him were not enough evidence to support his claim of gender discrimination. The details of his alleged treatment were not the basis of Furman’s decision to dismiss the case. Mr. Doe failed to prove that he was being discriminated against solely because he was a man. This case sets a new precedence for individuals pursing claims against universities under Title IX. Cases influencing sex or gender in the decision making process are likely to be dismissed.   Read Full Story