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Announcing the Collaboration of Waldorf Risk Solutions & Praesidium at the Conference of Major Superiors of Men (Booths #17 and #26 during the CMSM)

Good news for Waldorf Risk Solutions’ Clients: In collaboration with Praesidium, Waldorf Clients are now eligible for Praesidium services at substantially reduced costs!


Who is Praesidium?

Praesidium is the national leader in organizational abuse risk management, with more than 25 years of experience and serving over 4,000 clients in the United States and seven other countries. Using the latest scientific research and root cause analyses of countless incidents and allegations of abuse, we know how abuse happens in organizations, and more importantly, how to prevent it.


Waldorf Risk Solutions has worked closely with Praesidium for over a decade to help protect our clients from incidents of abuse and false allegations. This exclusive partnership provides Waldorf clients with safer programs, fewer incidents of abuse, controlled costs of claims handling, and reputational safeguarding, allowing our clients to focus on their missions of serving others.


Benefits include:


Communities that seek Praesidium Accreditation will see a significant reduction in fees.



Institutes that oversee youth-serving apostolates such as schools, camps, retreat centers and other community ministries may receive Praesidium’s Management Systems Review at a reduced cost to the Institute or the ministry. To complete this review, Praesidium comes on-site to interview key representatives in human resources, legal, quality improvement, program, and risk management. Praesidium experts will review current policies and practices, previous incidents or allegations of abuse, and past and present legal circumstances. Operations are reviewed against best practices for the given industry. The client receives a confidential report detailing potential system exposures and specific recommendations about how to close them.



Praesidium Accredited Religious Orders may avail themselves to the highest coverage limits for sexual misconduct liability insurance.


To learn more, please visit us at

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