Insurance Professionals Since 1928

Waldorf Risk Solutions is a family owned and operated insurance brokerage and risk management firm. For over 85 years we have been creating insurance solutions for Religious Organizations, Educational Institutions, Health Care Facilities, Non-Profit and Social Service Agencies.

Unlike the larger insurance brokers and middle market generalists, Waldorf Risk Solutions is a recognized insurance and risk management specialist for the Religious, Education, Health Care, Non-Profit and Social Service sectors.  Our focus within these sectors for nearly a century has identified Waldorf Risk Solutions as the premier risk and insurance expert within the class.  This uncompromised concentration offers clients and industry partners a wealth of intellectual resources otherwise not available in the commercial marketplace.

Waldorf Risk Solutions maintains a client centric culture utilizing a consultative professional approach to identify client’s risk concerns, establish objectives, advocate on their behalf, and deliver cost effective sustainable solutions eliminating any uncertainties.

As experienced insurance professionals we can guarantee:

  • Unconditional client dedication and objectivity
  • Unsurpassed industry intelligence
  • Commitment to partnership proven by advocacy
  • 24-7-365 access to and support by seasoned professionals including principals
  • Innovation of product and service to eliminate uncertainty
  • Creative insurance and risk management solutions
  • Personalized attention to detail with measurable, timely results
  • Absolute transparency, confidentiality, and integrity in all our dealings

Industry News

Our specialized insurance practice groups include:

Religious Organizations

Religious and charitable organizations are increasingly subject to the risks and liabilities that come with operating in the modern world. At Waldorf, we evaluate your risks and design stable, affordable programs that will.

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Educational Institutions

Educational institutions face unique risks. In addition to securing insurance for faculty, staff and administration, you must also insure your students. We create customized programs to mitigate your risks and prevent loss.

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Non-Profit & Social Service

Non-profit and Social Service Agencies specialize in enriching lives and providing for the underprivileged.
At Waldorf Risk Solutions, we strive to serve non-profits, social service agencies and charitable causes.

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Health Care Facilities

From Hospitals to Skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, Waldorf Risk Solutions provides the Health Care industry with a depth of knowledge and the resources to secure adequate and affordable insurance solutions.

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  • Collaboration is critical in trying to deal with multiple insurance issues on a day to day basis. Waldorf Risk Solutions has made us more efficient, and their extensive know-how, their 24/7 availability and their willingness to always assist, has certainly made our job seamlessly productive.
    Assistant to the Vice President of Finance
  • I can’t say enough about how responsive they are and how well everyone in the firm understand our unique needs as a not-for-profit service provider. I think what sets them apart from so many others is that they consistently demonstrate a genuine interest in our work and are constantly looking for ways to enhance their services to us. They have been a true partner with us.
    Executive Director
    Medical Facility
  • We value our longstanding relationship with Waldorf Risk Solutions.  They are always helpful and prompt in answering questions.
    Religious Order
  • Year after year we have relied on Waldorf Risk Solutions to secure the necessary insurance protection so that we can focus on providing vital human services to more than 60,000 of New York's most vulnerable people throughout New York City and Long Island.
    Child Care
  • While our mission is noble our risks are challenging and that is why we have relied on Waldorf Risk Solutions as our risk management and insurance partner. They have consistently demonstrated the ability to respond to our risk management and insurance needs to allow us to continue with our mission of serving homeless children.
    Child Care
  • As a start-up educational nonprofit Waldorf was able to secure an excellent program for us despite not having any meaningful underwriting data to offer potential insurers. Their efforts allowed us to progress our mission without worrying about meeting the insurance requirements of our partners.
    Vice President
    Charter School
  • Waldorf has delivered a forward looking competitive program that provided enhanced coverage and higher limits and has remained stable over time. Also they have assisted us by arranging risk assessment services to ensure we are taking adequate steps to identify and control our exposures and minimize any underwriting corrections. The customer service is excellent.
    Chartered School
  • We were of the understanding that very few insurers were willing to consider our specialized set of risks. Despite this notion, Waldorf Risk Solutions came in and delivered an alternative program with better rated insurers that offered increased  limits  for a very competitive price. The services included full valuation appraisals.  Over all this has proved out to have been a good move for us.
  • Like many dioceses we were under pressure to reduce cost. At the same time, we did not want to terminate our participation in a long established RRG and also wanted to retain the services of our long-term TPA and appraisal partner. Waldorf Risk Solutions demonstrated a unique ability to negotiate with their underwriting partners for us to achieve all of these objectives. The solution provided us with reduced up-front costs and increases in coverage.
    Risk Manager