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How to Prepare Your Organization for an Active Shooter


TRAINING YOUR STAFF FOR AN ACTIVE SHOOTER SITUATION An active shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area. To best prepare your staff for an active shooter situation, create an emergency action plan (EAP) and conduct training exercises. Together, the EAP and training exercises…

NLRB Rules that Graduate Students are Employees


In August 2016, the National Labor Relations Board ruled that Graduate Students working for private colleges are employees.  The ruling overturned the Brown 2004 decision stating that teaching and research assistants were primarily students and not workers and that their work is a component of their education. Yet many grad students find themselves in teaching…

Child Victim Law: Proposed Statute of Limitations Challenged in NY


NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed legislation in his 2017 policy agenda to remove the statute of limitation on criminal sex abuse cases and extend the time-frame a victim can bring a civil lawsuit to 50 years from when the incident occurred. Currently, a civil lawsuit can be brought until a person’s 23rd birthday. The…