Claims Management and Administration

Stack of documents with clipsSuccessful claims management is a delicate balance between the needs to minimize cost, deliver the clients objective, manage severity, use discretion, and recognize a moral responsibility to settle a claim fairly. Waldorf maintains a centralized administration for reporting all claims. As a result we can increase the efficiency of claims handling, claims preparation, monitoring reserves and retentions, control the defense costs, and enhance the performance of adjusters. A dedicated claims coordinator is assigned to a client and we continually monitor performance of all parties involved in the claims process to make certain the interests of the client are properly protected under the terms and conditions of the policy contracts. The collection of claims money from a client’s insurer does not necessarily close out a file and translate into success, especially, when a third party is responsible for the loss. Subrogation is a large part of our advocacy for the client and pursued aggressively by our internal claims professionals.